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Oh Darling

Oh, Darling: Tea for the Living Lady, is full of jewels.

Precious nuggets of information that when acquired add value to your life.


It’s hard to believe that I met Jersey over a decade ago. Watching her evolve has been nothing short of a blessing and an inspiration. Her endearing personality paired with her ferocious hunger for growth and creativity has given birth to an acting career, conscious apparel line, a collection of mix tapes and now this gift of a book. Over the years, Jersey has demonstrated to all of us the opportunities that hard work and determination can afford us; all while wearing a smile, and being endlessly supportive of anyone or anything she values.

This book is by far one of her most authentic and transparent offerings to date. Because, within these pages you will not only get a glimpse into the mind of a truly talented soul, but you will also gain a deeper understanding of the woman who stands in your mirror.

Using short yet powerful vignettes, Jersey takes you on a journey of introspection that leads you directly back to your most honest, inner truth. She is truly masterful in how she seamlessly weaves in themes of self- love, acceptance, and encouragement within the framework of women’s empowerment.

In this book, Jersey calls each of us to not simply set goals for ourselves, but to be and embody those goals. More specifically, she asks that we “be the Living Lady that you believed in (as a child),” and to take charge of our lives by realizing that “every moment belongs to you!”

Introspection is of increasing importance these days because, American women are nearly twice as stressed as men, and feelings of either physical or financial insecurity top the list of our most noted stressors. You see, today’s woman is under mounting pressure to run everything from her home, to her relationship, to her career with seamless precision---and no help. In fact, women are often praised for how much we do with so little. But what happens to our hearts—during all the demands that life places on us? Well, some of us simply suffer in silence. And others choose to turn their trail into a testimony. With this book, Jersey Moulin has done the latter. “Oh, Darling: Tea for the Living Lady,” tells the story of a young mother, turned performer, turned business owner, turned author and her road to juggle every feeling and emotion she had to, to get there. Jersey is direct yet gentle in her signature witty delivery.

In truth, so many women are looking for an outlet and an opportunity to make a deeper daily connection with themselves and others. This book effortlessly facilitates much needed internal conversations and it will give you something to talk about with others as well.

As a twice published self-help author and certified healing coach, I can see a wide range of uses for this book. Readers can use it as a daily reminder of their own power or even jot the quotes down and use them for journaling prompts. How ever you choose to connect to this book, know that every word was crafted with you in mind, by someone who’s life goal has been making the world a better place for women to live, grow, and thrive in.

Cheers to the living lady within us all!

Kenya Jackson-Saulters, MS

Chief Experience Officer, The Outdoor Journal Tour

Author, Speaker, Consultant, and Certified Energy Healer.

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