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Broken Healed Shit

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

"Poems and Quotes that can be used as daily affirmations."

“Broken Healed Shit” reminds us that our pain fuels our healing once we decide to let go and forgive ourselves. It’s witty, sarcastic, reflective, and forward. There’s even a few love poems wrapped up in this shit! It’s the wanderlust of word play as “Pen Flexing” sums up "Jersey Moulin" charismatic and dope approach!

"Healing isn't easy! Don't allow the social glam of navigating your shit fool you. It's the ugliest and hardest thing you will ever do. Being accountable for yourself in a world full of monkey see, monkey do will have you questioning your zebra stripes."

Remember that your journey is your journey. If you look up and find that you're surrounded by love, you went the right way. - Jersey Moulin

I'm looking forward to reading how "Broken Healed Shit" inspired or helped you.

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