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"Healing Board Brunch"

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Broken Healed Shit presents "The Healing Board Brunch"

On August 18th 2019 Jersey Moulin walked a group of women through all of their shit to help them clarify, concentrate and maintain their focus towards Healing. She also walked them through the 5 Stages Of Healing: grief, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

Each "Healing Board," served as an invaluable tool to motivate, inspire, break them open, break through and hold each woman accountable daily.

Broken Healed Shit Welcomed special guest (instagram)-@lakarawiththegift ‘Dr. Lakara Foster’ to “The Healing Board Brunch.” Dr. Foster is a Medium, Minister, and Spiritual Teacher. She shares her gift of helping reunite people with their departed loved ones and giving them the gifts of healing, closure, and peace while helping them to see death, life, and God in a new way.

The Healing Board Brunch was designed to help clarify, concentrate, and maintain your focus towards your Healing so that you can manifest freely!

Brunch was sponsored by executive chef & owner of Urban Foodie Michele.

The Broken Healed Shit Swag Bags were sponsored by a collective group of Black Owned Female Businesses.

Candles provided by Moore Scents Candles Co -Body Scrubs provided by Suga Rush

-Plate Collab provided by Virgo Voodo - Healing Crystals provided by B The Vibe - Swag Bags provided by Creative Rizk Boutique

Attendee Testimonials

Noble Julz

Behind every Dopeness is Dopeness. There is power in Support & Collaboration. Jersey Moulin is on a mission to help others “Own their shit”. I am here for all of it, as a witness and vessel.

(Quoted) “It’s not about the Hype it’s about the Healing”. ~ Jersey Moulin. #nobleliving #consciousconversations

Chrysalis Sun

This weekend I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Healing Board Brunch hosted by Jersey Moulin, I have to say that her event was one of the best I've attended in a long time. You could feel the love and intention she put into the space as soon as you walked in the door. Everything was Spirit led-from the delicious food, to the mimosas, swag bags, fellowship, discussions, and the healing board session. Jersey is such a beautiful soul and an amazing healing facilitator. I'm honored to have been invited to participate and I look forward to more events.


Thank you Jersey Moulin for an Awesome Experience at your Healing Board Brunch!! Everyone & everything was Perfect!! You should be proud of yourself for sharing your light & love!! I can’t wait for the next event!! #brokenhealedshit #healingvibrations #goodiebags 


It was everything!!! The experience of acceptance, releasing, affirmations, ALL of it. I mean OWNING MY'ish was indescribable! I truly appreciated the opportunity, and the support of those not knowing anything about me, yet everyone was so encouraging and engaging while listening to my story. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was so calming, and the space was BEAUTIFUL! AND YOU Jersey Moulin your spirit, your words, your light! Putting this together for all was right on time. Thank you!

Thank you

I want to take the time out to thank all of the women who attended the "Healing Board Brunch" and for trusting me with your SHIT! Thank you Renee Ryan for opening up your home and for believing in me. To all of the sponsors who made the swag bags so swaggy, full of love, and healing, I appreciate you! None of this would have been possible without all of you. THANK YOU! - Jersey Moulin

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