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Broken Healed Shit


Laurie Wright 

Oh Darling,” gave me incite on a the beautiful, intricate, mind of the writer and how she encourages herself. 

- Johns Creek, GA

C. Williams

"Oh Darling," was a beautiful introduction into the world of Jersey Moulin - the value in the book was that it provoked dialogue for me amongst loved ones past and present.

-Atlanta, GA

D. Elliott

Broken Healed Shit confirmed that my story matters and it will help others as long as I continue to be selfless!

-Atlanta, GA

Broken Healed Shit was absolutely amazing!!! I felt every word Jersey spoke. To heal from being broken is hard work but in the end it gives your life a new meaning.

A.Owens  |  Cary, NC 

Broken healer shit added value to my life because it encouraged me to overcome fears and do me

J. Wright  |  Fort Worth Texas

Broken Healed Shit, on audio is smoothing and relaxing. It’s a sound that needs to be heard with a glass of wine and a lit candle to maximize the experience of the writer healing words.

L. Wright. |  Johns Creek, GA

Broken Healed Shit, - added value in again continuing Jersey Moulin's effortless way of promoting dialogue through methods of healing that one might not always be familiar with. It added value in being an artistic bridge in my sometimes mute line of communication.

C. Williams  | Atlanta, GA

I am going to purchase a candle when they're back in stock

J. King  |  Marietta, GA

All I can say about the candle is that it smells so good.

Laurie Wright

I love the candle, the aroma filled my home with a comforting scent that diffused throughout. I loved the fact that is was a clean burning candle and that its infused with essential oils. I really have no dislikes about the candle but I do hope the sizes vary in the future.


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