About Jersey Moulin

Jersey Moulin 

Born in the harsh area of Paterson, NJ Jersey’s mother uprooted her and her brother to Atlanta for greener pastures in Atlanta, GA. Jersey took the opportunity and ran with it, her innate ability to pick up all the latest dance moves coupled with her charismatic and unique voice on the mic has earned her permanent spot in the club scene and the respect of her peers. 

Rarely do artist completely change the direction of creativity – and do it as effortlessly as New Jersey bread artist, “Jersey Moulin.” In the artistic realm, Jersey may have succeeded where others have failed, authenticity.  Her first book, “Oh Darling, Tea for the Living Lady in you!” is a roller coaster of emotional honesty. It’s pure, its love, its pain … it’s the  mis-education of Jersey Moulin’s eve-lotutional Breakthrough …it’s every woman’s tea and Jersey Moulin serves as narrator. 

Jersey Moulin second book, “Broken Healed Shit” reminds us that our pain fuels our healing once we decide to let go and forgive ourselves. It’s witty, sarcastic, reflective and forward. There’s even a few love poems wrapped up in this shit! It’s the wonderlust of word play as “Pen Flexing” sums up “Jersey Moulins” charismatic and dope approach!

In addition to the entertainment industry and writing Jersey Moulin has also founded Too Dope Too Bully a bullying campaign that focuses on the importance of not only empowering our youth but providing them with the tools to empower their fellow peers to achieve Greatness. Between her entertainment contributions and charitable efforts Jersey is destined to change the world one footstep at a time, or in this case one campaign at a time! 

Too Dope To Bully! 

Is a campaign that addresses the epidemic of “bullying” we are now facing in our schools and communities. Youth are educated about bullying through fashion, music and motivational speakers.

Our campaign focuses on the importance of our youth empowering their fellow peers to help build them up. Many of our youth fear speaking out and reporting bullying because they are too afraid of the consequences of their actions. However, through the Too Dope To Bully campaign kids will be encouraged and motivated to speak up, speak out and empower! Through the Too Dope To Bully campaign we hope to save the lives of students, and promote a cool learning experience for all.